CACIB Zagreb,17,18.11.2012.

Zagreb show great as always,and we really enjoy every minute of it.Nice dogs,great company,what more can you ask!

 Sure,we have great results again with our boys

CACIB Zagreb 17.11.2012.

Fiveshill Sound Reason-Fluke 3. in Champion class

Fiveshill Sea Hawk-Hanks 1. in Veteran class,Veteran BOB

judge:Maria Grazia Miglietta (I)

CACIB Zagreb 18.11.2012.

Fiveshill Sound Reason-Fluke CAC,CACIB,BOB,BOG 3!!!!-Zagreb Winner!!!!!

Fiveshill Sea Hawk-Hank Veteran BOB-with this title he became

Croatian Veteran Champion!!!!

Judge:Mrs Vojna Medvedec (HR)